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Many healings were witnessed, as well as being given a name in prophecy: "Bo Sander, Christian Television, Akampa Satellite City" said the Lord.
I have since met Bo Sander who is the head of God Television, Jerusalem, Israel.

Whilst preparing for another of God's missions, God TV invited many Australians to welcome their Australia and NZ representatives Wayne & Anne-Katrin Knapman in Sydney. The Holy Spirit told me to attend. Reluctantly, because of finances, I obeyed. During proceedings, Wayne presented Bo Sander to the group. I nearly fell off my chair. This name was given to me in Nigeria in May 08 - and here he was, the man God had told me about. I introduced myself, and shared the prophecy. I was then introduced to Tim Smith, developer of God TV. I shared all of the above, and that I had been granted land in Akampa, Nigeria. Tim indicated that God TV will be looking at a satellite station in Nigeria, and would I be interested in a joint partnership. I have since spoken to Wayne, who said, "You are not forgotten and God TV will be contacting you". In the mean time, I spoke with Bo Sander in Israel. Its all in the Lords hands, not mine.

5th. SEPTEMBER, 2008

Woken by Vision: Red background and large pure white dove moving fast , came up close to my left side, then a beautiful white cloud.

“Confirmation you now have of my next mission for you. Support leper colony, raise money for a better quality of life. There is one out from Akamkpa, 2 hrs south of Akamkpa. Their conditions are pitiful, go in My Name” said the Lord.

“Leper colony, I want you to support, will bring tears, such inhumanity, no food, no water, no religious information, yes an
empty shell...“
says the Lord.

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