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When the Holy Spirit gives me messages, it ends with scripture that line up with the message. All Glory to Our Lord.

The Holy Spirit has given me many more than I bring to you, but I would like to start with the calling to Nigeria. A place I never dreamed of going to! Well, here I am today, walking in faith and obedience.

Prophecies prior to me going solo to Nigeria.

March 2008

13th “Journey begins – I now place you with people of I, Spirit filled and 100% pure. Titus2:1says the Lord.

17th am. Opening email from Pastor in Calabar inviting me to preach.

“Do not doubt this gift I bring to you. It is genuine of I child for you to bring miracles of I to these poor folk who wait with excitement for their time of healing – step out think big, I say unto you. Wake up your travel begins journeys near and far” says the Lord

17th pm. “Confirm that you are prepared to do my works Africa. Danger in this territory, do you have the faith to substantiate this area of I” says the Lord

17th pm. "Africa is far and wide of all I give to you. Poor, Barren, hot. The Spirit craves for someone, you child to bring my Word. I love and protect you from all dangers, violence. You have much works to do for my glory. I bring you a vision tonight, for you to realize this is a 100% of my works for you, Galatians4:6-7 says the Lord

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