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25th Vision woken many  beautiful white clouds


7th Vision woken 3am to see black hands with no fingers,it so clear.

These hands you are now seeing are exactly what I saw in the Lord’s vision

16th Vision woken to the number 77, followed by a pure white bird moving fast. I felt a breeze on the left side of my face prior to sleeping.

“Yes child, 7 is God’s number. I bring you confirmation yet again of my works in you child” said the Lord.  Revelation 1:4-6  means "seven spirits is another name for the Holy Spirit. 7 is used throughout revelation to symbolize completeness and perfection” as quoted NIV Bible

The Holy Spirit gave me instructions to leave Australia 19th November and return one month later. We had to stay in Lagos over night due to no connection flights to Calabar. Twenty two hours flight is demanding on the bodies, so early to bed and early to rise as we say in Aussie talk!

Whilst on the plane, the Holy Spirit told me the following:

“Bishop Mike will open many doors. The Governor gives you 20acres of land. You will be on Television and radio” said the Lord.

Nigeria Journal of Prophecies - 17
Prophecy 18
Prophecy 16
Leper hands
Mike, Andrew, Dep Gov, Linnie
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