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25th “Pricilla Acts 18, Romans 16:3, 2Timothy 4:19says the Lord (All scriptures are on Pricilla and Aquila). "This is what you will be doing, helping set up churches – orphanages in this my country Africa. This is why I called Pricilla, she did great works for the poor and needy, cherished girl” says the Lord. “What I have showed you is a small part of your works, mighty mighty miracles I bring” says the Lord.

28th VISION. Woken to see colours of orange and gold in the bedroom mirror, then Audible voice of the Holy Spirit Acts 17

“Trust in me child, yes I’m using you in a mighty way for my work – do not fear, it is genuine of I, 1 Thessalonians 1:6," says the Lord “This ministry in Africa is of I. It is pure as gold in me, Go forth. I picked you for visions, you have the vision, the strength, tenacity and love of people, go forth in My Name” says the Lord ( All projects I have built, I have seen visions of completion).

31st VISION woken 1. Wise man and two crosses. 2. Three Cross with rays of bright silver.

Am. “I will tell you why I showed you this Apostle, he is the one who leadeth many 1000s to Christ like he leadeth you” says the Lord.

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