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10th VISION woken 1. 2 crosses 2. Bright flash of light came to the left

11th VISION woken Dove pure white 2 plane 3. Cross. They came three times.

“This is just a taste of what I have planned for you, your future begins to bring my Word, plans, healings of I to my universe. Lamentations 1:5, yes teach on this” said the Lord.

11th Closing my eyes, I saw a vision of a man, pale, yellowish face, skinny. “Yes he has cancer, go to him. I leadeth you, bring him to salvation” said the Lord.

I told a friend ( Barry) of my vision, he said nothing. Within days Barry told me that his accountant had died of cancer, he said this was the man you told me about, I replied "yes Barry, and you did not obey!" Readers always listen to the Word of God.

13th “False prophets, teachers, pastors, ministers Matthew 24:24 says the Lord.

15th Woken Vision of a beautiful cross appeared above the TV, it came towards me then turned into a large white dove, then turned to the side and left.

“Yes child protégé of mine. You need continual proof, you will have when you physically see healing, more I say“ says the Lord. I did see many miracles of healing by Our Lord Jesus.

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