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18th VISION woken with a hand on my shoulder and the audible words “you have been chosen to bring the warriors to salvation” says the Lord. Woken again with an African mask, I screamed Jesus, within seconds a pure white cross came across the mask and it left.

“Yes child that was me” says the Lord, "yes the mask I showed you is what you are against in my country. You are protected – safe in my arms. Cast out demons in my name“ says the Lord. I experienced corruption, falseness with pastors in churches and more.

19th "Witchcraft has overpowered many ministers, who think they are right, they are not” says the Lord. I witnessed exactly what the Holy Spirit told me!

22nd VISION woken with wind on my hair. Woken vision of fish and various animals, all are in scripture. Deut 6: 12-18.

23rd “Lamentations 4. Yes exposed they will be, punishment falls to many who have fallen away from my will, harshly it falls. Bring them back, fall on their knee to bring salvation. Corruption I also show you,” says the Lord. I witnessed much corruption.

27th “Commissioner of police – peaceful kind man – you both have a spiritual connection” says the Lord. Yes readers I met the Commissioner, born again, and when I gave him a prophetic word personally, his eye filled with tears. The commissioner gave me four armed guards for my protection. All came to pass.

Nigeria Journal of Prophecies - 7
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